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Miley Just told it straight 

rihanna, britney, katy perry, lady gaga, many people have been in videos naked and i dont understand why miley gets shit for it

I hope this has so many notes for how much fucking bullshit it is.  She just wanted an excuse to be weird and naked in a goddamn video.  Any other celeb. that has been in a video for being naked isn’t blatantly nude in the middle of an open room swinging on a wrecking ball AND they doN’T FUCKING TRY TO ACT LIKE THERE’S A DEEPER REASON FOR BEING NAKED. goddamn the only thing worst than Miley Cyrus is people who genuinely like her as a role model.

Excuse you. Have you heard the song? It’s about her fiance leaving her. She loved him. She thought she had finally found the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. AND HE LEFT HER. She was naked to represent how vulnerable she was. But hell, even if there was no meaning behind it, who are YOU to judge her? Katy Perry was naked in her California Girls video. There was no reason behind that. It’s not like THEY choose to be naked. They don’t direct the video. But if they’re comfortable, so be it. WHO. GIVES. A. FUCK. Oh by the way, Miley never asked to be a role model. Miley’s not on the disney channel anymore and Miley’s just going to be Miley now. Don’t like it? Fuck off. Consider yourself unfollowed, tumblr user neurotic—psychotic.

Taylor Swift does it better

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